Ceram.X Spectra ST flow

En flow kompositt med SphereTEC filler teknologi. Med "flow on-demand handling", høy styrke og motstandskraftig mot missfarginger. Rask og enkel polering. Flytende universal i kapsler.

SphereTEC Filler Technology

Ceram.x Spectra ST composite's performance is made possible by SphereTEC, our proprietary method of manufacturing microscaled, well-defined spherical superstructures, comprised of submicron glass. The SphereTEC fillers’ morphology, particle size distribution and surface microstructure deliver the benefits that really matter to dentists:

  • Optimised handling for easy placement and shaping
  • Enhanced chameleon blending ability for simplified shade selection and matching
  • Proven durability with high polish and stain resistance for lasting esthetic

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Ceram.x Spectra ST flow


Streamlined shade coverage

Five shades cover the full 16-shade VITA®1 range.

Enhanced chameleon blending enables universal CLOUD shades A1-A4 to cover the full VITA®1 range. For special cases, bleach white plus two opaque dentin shades and a translucent enamel shade are also available. You’ll also enjoy the flawless shade match of Ceram.x Spectra ST flow shades to our Ceram.x Spectra ST and Ceram.x Spectra ST Effects universal composite portfolio. 



Optimized handling

Optimum versatility on-demand.  

From start to finish, you’ll enjoy the versatility of a material that stays in place until you initiate the flow. For your convenience, Ceram.x Spectra ST flow is available in multple delivery options. You’ll find every application is easy to extrude from the Compula tip and syringe and includes a small dispensing tip for better access. 




Esthetics that last

High strength, polish, and stain resistance.

With SphereTEC technology on your side, you’ll enjoy trusted strength in material that’s resistant to staining from colorants like coffee, tea, and red wine. SphereTEC technology makes it easy to polish to a high gloss, fast, each and every time.  


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