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LMServo E Cassettes

LM-Servo E cassettes are made of high-quality, autoclavable plastics, which makes the cassettes lightweight and easy to handle. LM-Servo E cassette has a patented design to improve safety with shields preventing sharp injuries. The more closed structure with safety shields protects also instrument tips during maintenance.  

Use of instrument cassettes provides an efficient and safe way to process, sterilize and organize instruments in dental clinic 
by minimizing manual handling of individual instruments and rationalizing the maintenance process. LM-Servo E evolution series cassettes provide a great combination of safety and hygiene for professional use, taking into account the clinicians, maintenance personnel and instruments. 
Functional, patented design of the safety shields together with easy-to-use mechanism provide a safe and reliable grip to use, hold and transfer the cassettes in all dental practise functions. The safety shields prevent sharp prick injuries and protect the instrument tips prolonging their lifespan. To enhance patient safety and efficiency at the dental clinic the option for tagging the E series cassettes with RFID chips enables the full traceability together with the LM Dental Tracking System™.

Whether the closed cassette design has an impact on washing result of the hand instruments placed inside the cassette was tested in the VTT research (1). After disinfector cleaning the hand instruments showed no visual stains of contamination. Durability and efficacy of cleaning of the LM-Servo E cassette have been tested in internal studies (2). As a result the high-quality materials of the cassettes meet the requirements of modern sterilization methods and temperatures. 

This option makes E cassettes excellent tool for improving traceability by enabling easy handling and tracking of instruments as sets. In LM-Servo E cassettes the instrument handles are clearly visible providing RFID tag readability and identification of individual instruments, though the tips are securely covered with safety shields.

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