SmartLite Pro EndoActivator


Shake up your idea of clean

Achive a clean that is seen


More opened dentinal tubules

Passive soaks aren’t enough. Activating irrigants can help produce a surface with more opened dentinal tubules, allowing for better obturation of lateral and accessory canals.

"After instrumentation ~35% or more of canal surfaces are left untouched. Yet the long-term success of your endodontic procedure depends on a clean canal.


More confidence in single-visit endo

Our three treatment solutions are tailored to your needs and offer advanced,
comprehensive endodontic care for your patients.

"Disinfection protocols vary greatly but are critical to treatment outcomes!


Passive soaks aren’t enough

A bleach soak can take 40 minutes to effectively eliminate bacteria, many clinicians only soak for less than 2.5 minutes, leaving behind bacteria that can compromise the treatment.


More effective cleaning in just 90 seconds

Redefine your root canal practice. Designed for multi-directional movement, the SmartLite Pro EndoActivator™ uses elliptical motion and increased energy for effective irrigant activation. Following the protocol provides more than 150 times higher bacteria reduction vs. 1 minute bleach soak without activation.


Three treatment solution

  • Shaping: Ensure the ideal shape for your workflow with our full line of files. Select the treatment solution that fits your preference: ProTaper Ultimate™, WaveOne® Gold, or TruNatomy®.
  • Cleaning: Active irrigation promotes 3D cleaning and complete endodontics.
  • Obturation: Take advantage of the unrivaled fit of the injection molded Conform Fit® Gutta-Percha points that match the unique shapes created by our files.